Our signature Pro Series AudiofuseTM In-Ear Monitors present a large woofer for enriched and punchy bass and a dual mid/high driver that highlights the mid to high frequencies with precision and clarity.  Experience precise sound quality that emphasizes all of the distinctions and nuances of your favorite music or performance.  Stage performers and audio professionals will experience a rich and vibrant presentation with truly accurate sound signature and monitoring capabilities.


Choose between our flexible and comfortable clear silicone earmolds featuring a premium 50” Linum BaX T2 Detachable Cable, or hard acrylic shells including a 64” MMCX Detachable Cable (also available with the 50” Linum BaX T2 Detachable Cable).  Both styles are worn over the ear to remain discreet and out of the way.  Professional musicians will appreciate the 26 dB of noise isolation allowing for safe studio and stage performance.






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